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While amplifying our voice in the new media age, gkBRAND® (formally Glazer+Kalayjian), is creating a web blog to share our passion and our insight about the branding industry in which we work and our company’s commitment to highly creative endeavors. Mostly though, our intention is to integrate and engage ourselves more deeply in the community in which we live and work at home and around the world.

Our blog will cover a broad spectrum of issues that we want to share with you from shameless articles promoting our highly creative agency, introducing members of the talented GK Team, sharing stories of our travels, and also of our ComVort partner offices. We’d also like to take a unique approach to the everyday blog by including articles endorsing books, movies, websites, products, trends and everything in between that make our world a more intriguing and inspiring place to live.

One of our more interesting features – and this is where you come in – is called Contributing Authors. This section of the blog provides the opportunity for our close friends and associates to post stories, articles, suggestions, ideas, etc. to our blog for the world to see. The topic of your choice may be about the business world, branding, and innovative concepts/ideas, but we would also love a personal tale, a spiritual journey, sustainability, or one of self-discovery. There are no real limitations with the direction in which you take your contribution; we just ask that the story be uplifting and remain respectful to our diverse base of readers and in alignment with our company policies and principles with regard to ensuring respect for different cultures, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientation, etc.

gkBRAND® staff will review your submission before posting it to our blog, but the story will not be altered if/when we post it. This is your chance to share your insight with thousands, if not millions of people.

If you are truly interested, inspired and want to share your views here is your venue. Start writing and contact:

Dan Romanow at:
203.226.8255 ext. 12

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