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Each month we will take an inside look to these four successful women with distinct personal brands.

Investing in your own personal brand has significant impact on your status as a thought leader, innovator, industry expert, entrepreneur or trusted adviser. It has a direct correlation with your financial worth. So if you are serious about managing your success talk to us about how we can help increase your reputation and achieve greater recognition for who you are and what you do. If you’re interested to find out how to put the value of your personal brand to work we can create a brand that’s unique for you. We’d be happy to set up a phone consultation to discuss how to make the most of your personal brand. Contact us today, we’d love to talk to you about creating value from your personal brand. Email: vkalayjian@gkbrand.com


From left to right:


Cheryl Esposito, Founder of
Alexsa Consulting and Center for World Leadership


Cheryl Esposito, MSW, Founder and CEO of Alexsa Consulting, is internationally recognized for coaching and developing business leaders to increase their own and their organizations’ effectiveness.

Based in San Francisco, Cheryl has been expanding the reach of Alexsa Consulting since 1993. With experience gained working with leaders from global Fortune 500 companies, Cheryl has more recently been consulting with venture capitalists and tech company leaders in the Silicon Valley area.

Cheryl’s work coaching global leaders, delivering leadership development programs, facilitating leadership retreats and supporting organizational change led her to what she believes is the critical success factor in any of these ventures: the authenticity and consciousness of the leaders—how they show up, how in synch with the self they are, and how they are perceived by others. Cheryl’s clients most often come to her intent on becoming a more successful leader. They soon understand the path to this outcome is “knowing how to know oneself.” It is only then if they are willing to risk, to lead themselves, that others will follow.


The Center for World Leadership is the fruition of a long-held desire to take people to the next step of their personal development: contributing to the world. Today there are many places to give one’s time, expertise and energy. There are not so many places to come together with the intent of creating a new way of looking at the world. Over the years Cheryl has experienced the power of a simple conversation. She has seen it completely change the strategy of a large organization, create collaboration where none was thought possible, and influence the direction of a person’s entire life.

In 2008, Cheryl published her book, In the Spirit of Leadership: A Vision into a Different Future, which won multiple awards from independent publishers. Go to Books for further information and to order a copy of Cheryl’s book.

Cheryl holds a master’s degree in Industrial Social Work from the University of Southern California, which provides her with a strong foundation and expertise in human behavior, organizational systems, workplace dynamics, and team and individual development. Her experience of the world’s cultures and a love of working with those who want more in life have long contributed to her success.


Alexsa Consulting

Alexsa Consulting is a strategic leadership development partner that supports your leadership goals as a catalyst for growth. Since 1993, we have enjoyed a successful track record in developing and coaching leaders to achieve outstanding results.

Based in San Francisco, Alexsa Consulting offers coaching and consulting services to leaders in venture capital groups, Silicon Valley start-ups and global corporations, as well as senior leadership within the healthcare sector.

When you invest in leadership development with Alexsa Consulting, you’ll gain much more than the support to become the best leader you can be. You’ll find it’s a one-on-one opportunity to help you access your full potential and maximize your own and your organization’s performance.

Lead from a place of clear vision and laser focus to create value that drives change and achieves profound results. Be willing to risk, to lead yourself…then others will follow.

Talk to Alexsa Consulting to find out how they can best align your leadership development investments with your business objectives. Contact: ce@alexsaconsulting.com

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