The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

As one of gkBRAND’s favorite books, the Alchemist is a charming and inspirational tale of Santiago, a shepherd boy who dreams of seeing the world. The underlying plot is enough for a interesting read, but what proves the most compelling and moving aspects of this fable is the moral conflict, spiritual journey, and self discovery that Santiago experiences during his travels.

His trip begins in Spain, stops in Morocco (in search of worldly treasure), and ultimately ends in Egypt (to see the pyramids). Along the way, he meets several spiritual messengers, such as a camel-driver and an intelligent Englishman, who provide direction for the traveling shepherd boy. It is actually in one of the Englishman’s books that Santiago learns about the existence of alchemists – which he will learn about substantially later in the tale.

Santiago ultimately reaches Egypt, where he discovers an alchemist who takes Santiago under his guidance. The alchemist teaches Santiago life lessons that we should all live by, and brings him to a state of self-understanding and enlightenment. Through his travels, Santiago learns many lessons from his spiritual messengers, but it is only through his relationship with the alchemist that it all becomes clear for him.

While this tale is rooted in spiritual enlightenment, is also includes alluring charm, theatrical apprehension and emotional intensity, making it a must read for any age.

– Dan Romanow

Daniel Romanow is the Group Director at gkBRAND

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