Terry Glazer and Vásken Kalayjian meet while employed in the advertising and promotions department at NBC in New York, at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Glazer and Kalayjian Design is founded. The agency’s first assignment: develop branding and promotional materials for NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games and a number of projects for the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and RCA.

Glazer and Kalayjian moves into a bigger office (yup, Bainbridge boards, X-Acto knives, Letraset). Staff expands to four with the hiring of employees and a secretary. New clients include: Letraset and Burlington Industries.

Another move, to a larger office space with a staff of six. By the way, that grunting sound you hear is a new contraption called a fax machine, transmitting and receiving documents at a breathtaking five minutes per page.

Glazer and Kalayjian lands its first financial-services client – U.S. Trust – developing materials for high-net-worth investors in two languages. Te relationship with Burlington Industries expands to include other divisions such as uniforms and commercial fabrics and worsted wools. Four additional clients are added to our roster including: ESPN, AT&T, Burson Marsteller who retains G&K to do all their creative work for their clients: Union Carbide, The Sultan of Brunei, a tobacco giant and several politicians in South America.

G&K goes digital with the purchase of the hot new Apple Macintosh Plus computers (with a whopping 256 KB of RAM) and ReadySetGo page layout software from Letraset. G&K is retained by Visa to do all the branding and sponsorship event for the Olympics other new clients include: Chemical Bank, Millsport who retains G&K to do all the creative work for sponsorship events: Super Bowl, Word Series, US Open Golf and Wimbledon for NBC Sports.

A hardware upgrade to Mac SEs, complete with state-of-the-art dot matrix printers. HBO is on board for G&K broadcast design expertise and its sister network Cinemax retains G&K for an affiliate monthly publication. CBS and CBS Radio retain G&K to relaunch News and Talk Radio programs.

Glazer and Kalayjian expands into technology, transportation and pharmaceutical clients. Begins working with Japanese companies, and the global spark is ignited: Hanshin, Sony, Iwatsu and Panasonic. Other accounts wins include: The Port Authority NY&NJ account, NFL, UPS and a pharmaceutical client Roche.

The stock market crashes in October. Largely unaffected, G&K braves the ensuing recessions quite nicely, thank you.

Canon office machines comes on board, 25 year relationship begins. Other clients include: Sprint, Scientific American Medicine, L’Oreal, MTA and LIRR.

G&K breaks into new areas and technologies. In a recessionary period, diversification pays off. Publishing clients include: Time Inc., People Magazine, The McGraw Hill Companies and The New York Times. A french bank BMP Paribas, location branding for Omni Hotels and a public sector contract with Con Edison.

Another international client signs on as we do branding work for Hanshin, a Japanese conglomerate. G&K makes further inroads into the pharma sector with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pharmacia Upjohn while expanding it client list in the growing cable industry with two new clients: A&E and The History Channel. G&K’s commitment to worthy charitable organizations continue with UJA-Federation.

Clients have already nicknamed us “GK.” Why fight it? GK is added as part of the logo and identity. And a new tradition begins: “Helping Hands,” providing heavily discounted services to select nonprofit organizations, especially those focusing on children, women, the homeless and the environment. Earliest of such clients: Ben-Gurion University, The Armenian Diocese, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Hadassah, Hippy USA, Lighthouse International, Stilllpoint Farm, UJA-Federation, World Conference of Religions for Peace, The Prelacy of The Armenian Church, Zen Studies Society and many more.

Move to a new larger space in Midtown Manhattan with new clients: TIAA CREF, Eppendorf Germany and Brinkmann Instruments.

At 8:52 a.m. on a bright autumn morning, the world stops. From our roof, we watch the towers fall. We give blood at the local hospital. We purchase and donate 100 respirator masks to the rescue workers at Ground Zero. We volunteer at the Bouley restaurant in Tribeca, preparing meals for fire fighters, police and volunteers at Ground Zero. It doesn’t feel like enough. It never will.

GK is asked by one of its global clients to manage a global branding assignment in partnership with their agency in Germany. GK is invited to join the German network ComVort, which then becomes a global network.

Glazer and Kalayjian, Inc. (“GK”) and Namebase, a naming agency, merge to form GK Namebase, brand naming, trademark, market research and linguistic specialists for product naming, FMCG, pharmaceutical, automotive and medical products, and pharmaceutical and medical devices. The merger is a huge success and the added niche naming services expand the portfolio of offerings.
American Airlines
Continental Advisory Services
Neuberger Berman
Coca Cola
Frito Lay

We continue to serve clients globally as a part of ComVort, an international group with annual billings of over $US 1 billion, with over 2,000 top creative minds, serving more than 1,500 clients in 62 cities in 36 countries in 27 different languages.

We continue our growth through dedicated service, exceptional creativity and personal service. Big enough to deliver full service globally, yet small enough so that clients can pick up the phone and speak to one of the partners.

Size matters. We’re not a huge lumbering branding firm but we’re not tiny either. Years ago, they called us a “boutique” agency. While some landorian branding institutions might hand you off to a junior account exec, at GK the principals are strictly hands on. Our staff, research, strategy, creative, naming, linguistic and legal teams are at your beck and call during all phases of your project. This nimble, commando-style approach allows us to turn on a dime to handle your entire branding project. We can get started right away; just give us a call.

GK celebrates its 25th anniversary with a new brand, GK Brand, a new website and a global presence that expands its branding launches worldwide. Worldwide offices to support global launches include: Austria: Frastanz, Linz, Salzburg, Belgium: Brussels, Bulgaria: Sofia, Canada: Montreal, Chile: Santiago, Czech Republic: Prague, Denmark: Aarhus, Copenhagen, Herning, Odense, Finland: Helsinki, Turku, France: Paris, Germany: Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hagen,, Hamburg, Heilbronn, Lindau/Bodensee, Merzhausen/Freiburg, Mülheim, Munich, Stuttgart, Greece: Athens, Hungary: Budapest, Iceland: Reykjavik, Ireland: Dublin, Italy: Florence, Milan, Japan: Tokyo, Luxembourg: Luxembourg, Mexico: Mexico City, Norway: Oslo, Peru: Lima, Poland: Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Portugal: Porto, Lisbon, Romania: Bucharest, Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Slovakia: Bratislava, Slovenia: Ljubljana, Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Sweden: Stockholm, Switzerland: Bern, Fribourg, Lausanne, The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Turkey: Istanbul, Ukraine: Kiev, United Kingdom: Leeds, Manchester, United States: Miami, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Westport, Uruguay: Montevideo

GK opens a second office in Westport, CT, while global branding projects continue to pour in. Baker Tanks, Eppendorf AG and Royal Dutch Shell and its French subsidiary Butagaz.

GK rebrands as GK Brand after its founder Terry Glazer retires. GK Brand launches a new initiative to provide fully integrated digital marcom services including branding, websites, mobile, social media and package design.

Thirteen of the top ComVort agencies meet in Luxembourg and leave the network, which has gotten too big, and form a prestigious new network for which GK Brand comes up with the name “GK Brand.” Gaudelli in Mexico and Interact in Luxembourg develop the new website and BJL in Manchester, UK, launches a PR campaign as the new network is launched in London in January 2012 In one year it adds 12 offices in North and South America, Europe, India and Asia. In October the agencies meet in Mexico City for their first annual meeting.

GK survives the much-hyped end-of-the-year Mayan calendar thing with a bottle of Champagne, looking forward to continuing to serve our clients with top-notch creative.
GK Brand worldwide partners meeting is held in Mexico City.

GK GK Brand expands its reach to 25 most creative global agencies.

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