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GK Green Sustainability for A Brighter Future

I am very grateful to see so many companies share my dream for a sustainable and healthy future for our HOME planet. In these series of articles endorsed by GK Green, we will share with you some wonderful work that is being done and some work we have been supporting for several decades.

GK Green is committed to environmental sustainability on a corporate and social level. We specialize in creating brand strategies, designs, consulting for companies and organizations that are, or wish to become, socially responsible and environmentally conscious companies with a vision for a more sustainable future. Remember – it is not enough to use color green, or a pretty logo that looks like a flower while still burning the same fossil fuels. Nor is it enough to use some recycled paper in a coffee holder and believe that you have done your part. Sustainability goes much deeper; it must touch all aspects of a company’s life, its employees, policies, the products and services it provides. Sustainability combines life long commitment, the mystery of Gaia, and to the process of human liberation or conscious living, allowing deep ecological and spiritual values to guide our individual paths in life. What is your path?

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