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Tribe Global is a tribe, a growing family of like-minded people who share similar values. Indeed, other member agencies have always been very helpful with any of our requests our especially our agency’s new business projects.

It’s this kind of help that has enabled us to win new clients and new budgets.

With the help of the amazing team at YOU, we have worked on the media planning for an international brand in France. The client was thrilled with the result, a 20% increase in revenues in France. Thanks to this spectacular result, the client was eager to work with both of us again. And we were too.

It’s this kind of help that has enabled us to retain and look after long-standing clients.

Working with our friends at Cundari, we developed a new global name for the Region of Alsace. Even if we live and work work in different parts of the world, working with other Tribe members is so easy. When we were sleeping, Cundari were working, and vice-versa.

Over a two month period, we worked with Cundari on names and have now successfully tested several names for this project. To help us we asked other Tribe agencies to analyse several ideas we had, by checking marketing, linguistic and legal meaning. We also reviewed euphony, evocativeness, power, originality and effect. Following this we recommended NEXTMED to the client, who agreed with our choice. We are now waiting for the next step, the logo!

Tribe Global is a tribe. We talk together. We laugh together. We think together. We imagine things together. In a single word, we work together. And the first winners are our clients.

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