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Personal Branding

Investing in your own personal brand has significant impact on your status as a thought leader, innovator, industry expert, entrepreneur or trusted advisor. It positions you to reach your target audience, increases your reputation and boosts your income and as with any great brand, the value of a personal brand becomes a growing asset.

WHY GK BRAND Personal Branding

As a division of GK Brand, Inc., GK Personal Branding is a member of Tribe Global Network, which consists of over 25 marketing and communication offices ranging from full service ad agencies, public relations companies, media experts and marketing specialists. Tribe Global has a vast talent pool and intellectual capital,

speaking more than 50 languages and experienced in supporting more than 5,000 clients with over 6,000 brands globally. We operate in all major markets. This means that we can take your personal brand into any market in the world in the most efficient and cost affective way possible.

HOW Personal Branding WORKS

We tailor our process to meet your personal branding needs. Once your personal branding objectives are established we provide the best solutions to deliver the most benefit to you. Positioning personal identity and creating personal brands is a transformative process. We have a deep respect for ensuring confidentiality and discretion throughout the research and strategy process. Our aim is to bring out the highest potential our clients have to offer and as such our work is guided by sound principles of integrity and accountability. GK personal branding process delivers a clear personal brand positioning strategy, compelling messaging and exciting visual design. It’s affordable and yields great results so talk to us today to find out more!.


GK Brand, Inc. is an established global branding company with offices in New York, NY and Westport, CT. We have over 30 years’ experience of creating world-class brands. Our talent and expertise results in lasting branding strategies for our clients. We are constantly looking for fresh ways to bring innovative solutions and creative vision to our clients’ projects. We have a blend of skills that works exceptionally well with personal clients to enhance your career, build your reputation or raise your profile.

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As the world's leading brand consultancy, we create, and manage brand value for clients around the globe. If you'd like to know more about GK Brand Tribe Global, we are eager to hear from you.


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