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desert_treeWith the recessionary economy easing out into a new normal are you finding that you need to rebuild more than just your balance sheet? —That you must also rebuild the trust, your organization’s reputation and your relationships? I’d like to share some ideas with you to solve some of these complex problems for your organization.

Organizations have not only to be profitable but now more than before, shareholder value is only part of the equation– companies are now expected to come up with products that are not only profitable, but also good for the environment, bottom line happy, as well as being good for society, sustainable and green.

I recently met with an old friend Adam Kahane from South Africa. Adam is on my advisory team and is consulting with me on the idea of change and breakthrough thinking in this new normal. Adam has dedicated his life working with governments and NGO’s in “private-sector and public sector diplomacy,” Adam had consulted with multi-national businesses in the past, but now he works exclusively with governments, NGOs, labor unions, political parties and communities to get them to work well together. He’s a talented facilitator as he empowers constituents to listen, communicate and to solve highly complex problems. For more information on Adam’s work he has a new book “Power and Love– A Theory and Practice of Social Change” will be in bookstores from December and will be reviewed in our next blog.

adam1In a recent conversation with Adam we discussed the idea of legacy: what we do in this world and how we leave it to the next generation. I’m really passionate about this idea of mutual social responsibility. I think that companies have to understand that people—consumers—are willing to pay a little more for products that are ethically sourced. It’s a value that resonates with all of us if it’s positioned well. We have to be clear that business is not merely a transaction and we have to be much more transparent about how we’re doing business and really understand the effect of what we’re doing.

gkgreen_flowerRe-building trust starts with having authentic conversations about who you are and what you are doing. How you impact the world around you is ultimately the big question to address.

– Vásken Kalayjian CEO gk BRAND

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