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This year, we’ve seen an increasing number of Ecommerce projects, mobile marketing, designing apps, branding in the luxury space, and we anticipate even more of a demand in 2012.

The other obvious take away is that people spend a lot of their time online and in social media. Which begs the question: how are you going to increase your online presence? What will make your brand stand out from the competition?


We can help you define you digital and social strategies and tactics. We have a very talented team who can help fulfill those strategies. Our teams of Digital Strategists to SEO/ SEM Specialists, UI/IA Skills, Ecommerce/ Interactive Designers, Interactive Producers, we have the top talent to produce groundbreaking campaigns for you. We can design and build a complete website with CMS (content management system) E-commerce, branded specifically for your business. We will create a strategy and write the copy optimized for search engines with an online marketing package so you appear in major search engines, local directories, social media, GPS devices and deliver real-time scorecard to track results.


Our team of community and Social Media Manager with strong research, strategic and analytic skills, to create all the content and technology, monitor social platforms, review data and strategically develop plans to engage your customers. Additionally we can create your Twitter and Facebook content, reports and social strategies, collect and review metrics.

We also have a great team of copywriters with a solid background in web and editing, banners, full site copy, product descriptions and marketing materials, strong editorial and research skills, web content manager, SEO and web marketing, We have the know-how to ensure your brand gets recognized and we write in a diverse tone to specifically resonate with your brand and audience. With a passion for storytelling and creating the emotion that comes a long with a brand, our team is outstanding at bringing a brand to life and to work on quick turnarounds.

Vásken Kalayjian
Managing Director



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