Something Exciting

There is something very exciting and liberating about listening to one’s inner voice, connecting with the inner light, letting it shine and consciously choosing one’s true path in life and there is nothing more joyous and rewarding than following one’s passion in life. We don’t ignore conventional wisdom and the advice of others, however ultimately the road less traveled is the one that has excited us the most. With our courage and the strong conviction to follow the inner beacon and to take the uncharted grounds have been most exiting and rewarding.

Chi Chu Museum, Japan

Chi Chu Museum, Japan

Over the last several decades we have selected to follow the inner voice and to go our unique Way following our muses, gut feelings and instincts the “Knowing” wherever it leads us. This philosophy has allowed us to explore uncharted territory, to explore new possibilities, to expand and grow ourselves into new technologies, disciplines, markets and countries.

Unconventional Wisdom

We never thought we had any other choice but to think unconventionally, move nimbly and deliver dynamic solutions globally. We have partnered with some of the best and most creative minds in the industry in a number of disciplines, both here and abroad. We have learned from the best but still we have pushed the envelope to go further and create a class of our own. We never followed normal, we did not like the new normal… we like our normal, the uncharted terrain.

Chi Chu, Japan

Chi Chu, Japan

We always redefined paradigms of what is the best and created our own unique way of outperforming the rest. Our creativity and services have never been more innovative, exciting and simply delivering outstanding results.

Serving You

So as we embark on the second decade of the 21st century, which we have coined “The Year Of Excitement”, we continue to trust our inner guiding light, our instincts, our God-given talents and creativity and move forward with passion and excitement to serve others. We lead and we push the envelope further fearlessly and with determination to your success and growth. We choose to take the road less traveled, as it is that attitude that has made us who we are and continue to shape our future.


Fully Digital and Sustainable

The Internet in the last decade has made the world really small. It really has broken down so many boundaries. Remember when the Berlin wall all of a sudden came down? Well the next big wall of China will come down and the walls across the planet will too.

gkBRAND iPhone and iPad apps and mobile marketing

gkBRAND iPhone, iPad apps and mobile marketing

Many companies have given lip service to sustainability and green. We have seen companies green washing on epidemic scales… to those companies we say, Stop! It really does not cost you much more and will bring you immeasurable rewards. To truly embrace the cause of protecting, safeguarding our “Home”, the planet… to continue to vigorously support and push the envelope in innovative ways to expand your existing green initiatives, reduce your Corbin – toxic – garbage footprint and become model companies to foster cleaner environment for all of us for the next seven generations and to support all programs to nurture your family of employees to make it a happy, friendly, supportive and a positive place to work. To support your local communities, clinics, shelters, educational programs, organic farming and many other wonderful initiatives. Not to do it is so much more expensive.


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