Outsourcing your marketing services

pei-louvre3I. M. Pei said that “Great artists need great clients.”

While this is undoubtedly true, great clients also need great artists! Its no secret that many companies are downsizing, and are continuing to do so. Staff, budgets, and spending are being scaled, while outsourcing marketing efforts to well established firms (i.e. gkBRAND) has been a cost effective solution.

The process of outsourcing intimidates many companies, especially as the industry gauges its risks and rewards. Although companies take precautions through well meaning Procurement Departments and textbook length RFP’s, these measures have not substantially reduced these risks.

Here is how gkBRAND has fixed some of these problems around outsourcing:

bat_signalWe immerse ourselves in your business. Sure, we are consultants, but we’d rather think of ourselves as extended family members. We don’t live with you or share a bathroom, but we’re certainly there at a drop of a dime with a phone call, e-mail or smoke signal. As a part of your team, we help you market your products and services on a local or international stage, utilizing our worldwide ComVort offices. This allows you to put your resources into new product launches or new product development, not into hiring new staff.

Providing a full range of services, along with specialized skills such as brand auditing and consulting abilities, we bring high-level of expertise and insights into your company.

Services are the tool – but (like you) we are all about results, return on investment and managing brand equity. These facets are essential to our business, but more importantly – to your success. Selling a vision of the future is always challenging, but our work is proven to surpass client’s target goals because it is all rooted in compelling and tactical brand strategy and image platforms. Often, our work becomes the cornerstone of your company’s “experience” to transform customer engagement online and offline.

Through comprehensive design guidelines and consultation, we will enable your staff to manage the continuity of your brand without the need to spend extra resources. gkBRAND will orchestrate a brand roll out across hundreds of applications and communication avenues to reflect your company’s diversity and vibrancy, all captured in gkBRAND’s cohesive “look and feel”, raising it’s appeal to new generations and far-reaching impact of customers for years to come.

Are you thinking about outsourcing your marketing services? Click here to view gkBRAND’s Checklist when conducting your review.

– Vásken Kalayjian

Vásken Kalayjian is the CEO of gkBRAND

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