New Normal, Old Values?

gknotepad1As a result of the well-documented global economic downturn, businesses are currently struggling with a major shift in internal values. Short-term strategies for survival have given way to increased expectations as a return to a new normal emerges. A recent global economic conditions survey by McKinsey suggests that companies are beginning to look towards a more positive long-term future. Reassessing core company values is key in determining clarity, vision and focus for future growth. It generates a new feeling of hope to invigorate and inspire a battle weary corporate community. Vasken Kalayjian, CEO at gkBRAND, Inc., says, “Jump-starting growth begins when you harness the full engagement of your employees with clearly communicated intention and renew a strong sense of purpose”.

gkBRAND’s Employer Branding capability is a strategic asset that measurably defines an organization’s perceived image externally and within. This strategy advocates engaging existing employees and future talent to buy in to in values that speak to the heart of a company. A Watson Wyatt/WorldatWork survey released this month concludes, not surprisingly, the significant impact the economic downturn has had on the decline in employee morale and motivation, particularly for top performers. gkemployerbrandingHow to re-energize and re-engage employees now becomes a high-priority organizational effectiveness strategy. Re-defining and communicating a company’s core values are at the heart of increasing understanding and awareness, and are essential to driving recovery.

In a return to the new normal, reduce the negative impact of inactively engaged employees. gkBRAND’s Employer Branding team provides clients customizable services in Employer Branding Strategy, Recruitment Marketing and Employee Communications. Connecting your employees with a clear sense of who you are and where you are headed has never been more important in maintaining market share and shareholder value.

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– Anne Gilmore

Anne Gilmore is VP Employer Branding at gkBRAND

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