Louis Vuitton Wants to Track You and Your Heart Rate Around the World – Article by Jaunted

“News of a new sort of travel technology invention leaked out of the Louis Vuitton corporate giant recently, and although we doubt that it’ll be successful, let along put into products, it’s worth a mention. The idea is “emotion monitoring” bag accessories, like little gold or silver keychains for your bag, which are implanted with a heart and emotion-rate monitor and the capability to sync up with the owner’s mobile device (ex: iPhone) to display this information on a map on the device. The resulting map will then be able to show you not only your walking, driving, flying, etc routes, but also exactly how you were feeling at any moment during that travel.

Agenda Inc says that the idea is still a concept, but the LV art director has posted this information himself. If it comes to be, it all seems a bit too Big Brother-ish and extraneous to catch on with more than just the hardcore LV junkies. That is, unless it’s marketed as a bag tracking system; assuming you still have your iPhone and you bag has been stolen, you can use the app to track the stolen bag’s route and send the police following. To that effect, this accessory could be used on most any bag, and only the most fashionable of thieves would have any clue about the real purpose of the (probably very expensive) bag jewelry.

As it is, we just don’t see it being useful beyond that, and certainly not for travel purposes unless you’re into analyzing after-the-fact travel info about your heart rate in the Louvre. What do you think of it? Would you buy it, or is it destined to stay a concept?”


Article by: Jaunted

Jaunted is published by SFO*MEDIA, creators of HotelChatter, and other web magazines.

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