Leverage Your Strengths

Whatever point you are at in terms of enjoying a successful career, developing your own business, or figuring out what it is you’d most like to do with your life, the one thing you want to focus on is leveraging your strengths.

media_1In brand speak, that’s leveraging your brand to differentiate it among all the other brands in your particular market, sector or niche. It’s gives you a powerful focus, and yet it’s one that’s not always easy to pin down.

Try this simple Q&A to assess where you are currently. It will help provide some feedback on what makes you unique and clarify your values:
1. What are your strengths?
2. What are your competencies?
3. How do you currently use your strengths, talents and abilities?
4. Why did you begin in this field, sector, or business?
5. When did you start?
6. How do you currently position yourself in your market?
7. What were you values when you started?
8. What are you core values now?
9. How have audiences related to you in the past?
10.How do they relate to you now?

Leveraging your personal strengths helps to reignite your passions, and authentically reconnects you with your talents and abilities.

If you’d like to take a more in-depth Q&A to help gain a clearer understanding of your brand and how it’s working (or not) to boost your career or business, call us now.

We offer objective advice and support on building strong brands for successful people, their passions and their businesses.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Vasken Kalayjian
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