Daniël van Gils. Lead Developer at Steam Advertising B.V.

Daniel-van-Gils.-Lead-Developer-at-Steam-Advertising-B.V_newsI am Daniël van Gils, I’m the lead developer at Steam Advertising B.V.My career began during university, where I studied computer Science and Electronic engineering and became an all-round developer. The Internet was on the rise, and I felt excited about its potential.

After spending a year in Silicon Valley, I came back to The Netherlands to start working for a new media company specialising in new media for children. After that I founded my own game studio and started lecturing in Creative Technology for a couple of Dutch art academies. After 9 years running my own studio it was time for a change as I wanted to work in a fresh new environment. Honestly, I never thought I would work in an advertising company before I met with Steam. They gave me the opportunity to shape their digital department under a common vision shared by myself and Steam.

My role in the agency is to shape our brand new digital department. Besides setting up the new department, I set up the architecture of all digital media productions for our customers.

During the development phase, I am the lead developer within our team. In between projects, I’m carrying out a lot of R&D using this knowledge to help and support the creatives with cutting edge digital campaigns and activations.

Finding the right solutions and leveraging new technology for our customers to create engaging campaigns is the most exciting challenge. It’s so much fun to start shaping a new department and sharing that vision and work methodologies across the agency. Letting people participate and work in small agile teams using the philosophy of a lean startup.

Right now I’m working on an interactive sandbox for an exhibition activation. Our client, a big dredging company, want to attract new employees to help them shape the future of dredging. With this interactive sandbox, future employees are challenged by the game to create a palm island by hand. Using technology like Microsoft Kinect and Unity3D this a good example of using my extensive R&D to help the creative teams make the product they envisioned.

The digital field is a fast changing playing field. This means if you want to be ahead of the game, you should be as agile and lean as possible. Evolution is to picking up and playing with new technology. As a lead developer you must be open to change and so must the agency.

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