007 Quantum of Solace

While ticket sales show the popularity of the latest installment in the 007 series, Quantum of Solace disappointed the GK Team with its lack of, well, “Bond-ness”. Daniel Craig is an exceptional actor (see: Layer Cake), yet his portrayal of our secret agent is more barbarian than Bond. The classic characters of James Bond, the Sean Connery’s, Roger Moore’s, even Pierce Brosnan’s, understood that hand-to-hand combat was the last option for Bond, as he would use his natural wit and cleverness when he found himself between a rock and a hard place. This could be attributed to the new generation of Bond viewers, who have grown up with Mortal Kombat and Wii Boxing, but for us this only takes away from the classic character known as 007.

Quantum of Solace begins where Casino Royale left off, as Bond’s girlfriend is dead and her other – missing – boyfriend is suspected in forcing the events that led to her death. As Bond turns to M for comfort, she herself is betrayed by her own bodyguard, followed by a case of mistaken identity which leads Bond to find his new “Bond Girl”. While the action scenes are both beautiful and exciting, especially a chase through the rooftops of Sienna, this adds no personality to our main character, leaving true Bond followers confused. The film does it best to link each chase and shooting scene, but concludes without thrills to the classic theme music.

Never has the James Bond character been so cold, emotionless and isolated. There is no charm to Bond’s personality, and to be honest – no personality. With no loyalty and no friends (even the Brit’s turn on Bond), this is truly a different side of Bond than we have seen in the past.

This caused GK to examine why one of the most successful movie franchises in history has taken such a sharp turn away from its roots. The new generation’s fascination with guns, violence and hot bodies (see: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko), has taken the soul out of our charismatic, intellectual, and handsome hero. Is this why our country is stuck in a war with no end, and possibly why violent crimes are on the rise? We are not blaming James Bond – no – we are in the business of giving consumers what they want, we just ask, “at what price?”

– Dan Romanow

Daniel Romanow is the Group Director at gkBRAND

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